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.. We Remain The Center Of Technology ...

.. We are Highest Capacity Casting Center in Turkey ...

We are proud to be the leading guest in the Turkish jewelry sector with our 600kg contract pour capacity in per day.

.. in the Alloy Technologies we are pushing the boundaries of Technology and production...

With our experience, we provide high-quality products, as well as the development of special alloys for you in accordance with your requirements and instant support for all your technical problems.

.. We are in a leading position with our machine parkour and production capacity...

After determining the most economical and sustainable method for you according to your designs, we provide technical support at the design stage of the product to be produced based on our experience.

You can be informed of our innovations.

You can follow us to keep up to date with our constantly updated Alloy Products, 3D printers included in our track, and developments in our foundries.

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