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Ünver Group

'Since 1998, We have been producing precious metals and alloys 'for Global Sector'

1998 to present..

With a quarter of a century of experience, more than 3000 customers and experience gained in line with our production capacity exceeding millions, standardized as unchanging quality. We have determined our quality standard and the stability of the service we offer as our professional ethics over the years.


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Leader of Technology

In accordance with our vision and sectoral mission, as of the date of activity, we carefully follow all technological innovations, sectoral or external to the sector. We are proud to take successful steps to develop and deploy new technologies for our sector.

Casting Technologies

Unver Casting, which started production in 1998, as of today 600kg contract casting capacity per day it is a leader in the Turkish jewelry industry. Our production capacity and potential are increasing day by day in our foundries using all the innovations of technology.

Alloy Technologies

Unver Alloy has been implemented in response to the global product search of the sector. As a result of high investments and production site planning, it is operated by a team that has adopted the principle of standardized product quality and stocked operation.

3D Printer Services

Unver Group, based on its mission to adapt the developing technology to the sector, has implemented your technology to turn Wax and resin raw materials into reality with 3D printer in a way that is suitable for production of products designed in a computer environment. Our 3D printing services, which have been growing with extreme acceleration since its establishment, serve with 15 printing machines that are active as of today, as well as washing and preparation units.